This year, OzAsia presents a series of diverse film programs

Singapore Now
In recent years, Singapore’s film industry has increasingly gained international attention as a new generation takes the helm. These three films capture the current depth of talent. 

Across Asia
A selection of award-winning films that capture the breadth and complexity of contemporary cinema across Asia. These films explore the struggles of the individual against societies in flux.

Neon Dreams
One of history’s greatest migrations is underway as the people of the last great agrarian cultures move to cities seeking work opportunity via the provision of hard labour. Screened on Monday 2 October as a double feature event, these two films look at the effects of rural migration on modern society.

Women Directors In Asia
A snapshot of women working as directors today in Aisa. Three remarkably different debuts (see also Kirsten Tan’s Pop Aye) plus an epic drama from veteran director Ann Hui. 

Fresh And New
An evening of next generation Hong Kong shorts screened alongside experimental student works from Flinders University. 

Iranian Independents
This strand celebrates the important role played by sales agent Mohammad Attebai in bringing the best of new independent Iranian films to the world. The films range from horror to social issues. 

Tickets available at Mercury Cinema one hour prior to sessions, subject to availability.

All foreign language films have English subtitles.

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Film program curated by Gail Kovatseff and Mike Walsh
Iranian film program by film academic and IFFA director Ann Demy-Gegroe
Film notes written by Mike Walsh, Gail Kovatseff and Ann Demy-Gegroe



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